Lolga takes you to experience the Rocket League game of racing and soccer

“Rocket League” is a combination of racing and football games, the game player can choose the beginning of a different mode to enter, the game not only supports online online, while supporting single player. Of course one to one, two to two, three to three, four to four different models of players can freely choose. Into the game after the player’s purpose is to use their own chariot will hit the ball inside the game goal of the opponent’s goal, and the general football game the same, within the specified time, into the opponent’s goal more balls, then the final The victory will belong to you.

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“Rocket League” after the launch by many players love. “Rocket League” of the fire out of all the unexpected, light registered players have reached 29 million. Recently, the “Rocket League” developer PSyonix announced that the game has reached a new milestone, that is, sales of more than 10.5 million copies. Recently, the game developer PSyonix announced that it will work with toy manufacturer Zag Toys, the game cool car made into a toy, so that it can really appear in front of the players.

The first announced 12 cars will be released in the spring, including Octane, Dominus, Masamune, Hotshot, Grog, X-Devil, Merc and Backfire these vehicles. Each car is equipped with rocket ball, in addition to gift redemption code, in the game can be exchanged for exclusive rocket trajectory or vehicle. Here we share some of the game benefits, Buy Cheap Rocket League Trading 24/7 Friendly Service On, Cheapest Rocket League Items, Keys & Crates Fastest Delivery and Lowest Prices, 100% Safety!

In February, the “Rocket League” registered players reached 29 million (here including the split-screen game players, through the PS + free game, so avoid the large sales figures), and in February, the 29 million registered players in the A quarter (about 7 million) have played “rocket alliance”, indicating that the game still has a vigorous vitality. Not long ago, Sony released the North American PS store game charts, independent game “rocket league” with its excellent quality and summit. And a few days ago, foreign players through cohabitation statistics found that previously maintained about 10 million people online “rocket alliance”, the recent number of online peak has been more than 23W! PC players online number is only 65,000 people around, it seems PS4 and Xbox One players on the game of higher interest.

Rocket League Items

Dunham also said the company’s purpose is to make the “rocket league” is getting better and better, do not want to lose any players want to play the game. Not because of the addition of some new features let players buy a game, although the production sequel has a very attractive potential income, but the production sequel is not the right way of doing things. With a very interesting play and a good picture, this game developed by Psyonix players in the mouth has accumulated a very good reputation, while its game is a very good match system and very high competition for the players to bring The fun of the game experience, so this game can be regarded as a player through the word of mouth and gradually popular up the success of the work.

“Rocket League” is a very creative game, the work of football and racing with each other is the biggest bright spot, the game not only supports single mode, but also supports multiplayer online mode, players can not only get racing racing pleasure , While you can experience the fun of many people competing for football, which is a very worthy of recommendation works, interested players can download experience.

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Trea makes you immersed in a fantastic world

TERA, is the Korean action MMORPG by Bluehole’s studio. Built in what will be scrapped by the source code paradise III, TERA uses a real-time combat system instead of operating the keys too much standard MMO fares. Players can be real-time, uninterrupted attack and cut down, magic magic, Dodge and block. Tera is the first MMORPG to use real action combat, providing all the depths of the MMO depth and action game for the game. Players use the game’s dynamic combat system to take full control of their roles. The player’s behavior can change the power balance of a world threatened by the dark forces because the seven allied races try to work together to protect their land from grabbing monsters, triad residents and evil gods.

Thousands of years ago, the gods of the gods and salads met in the air and fell asleep. When they sleep, they dream of, and according to their dreams, Tera’s world has been formed. First came to twelve gods, they go all out to control the Terra. Born in conflict is the mortal race, was dragged into the sacred war, always in the descendants of God. The divine war lasted for hundreds of years and suffered from mortals and gods.


The divine war ended, and most of the gods were dead, imprisoned or reduced. The rest of the mortal race took over Terra, and with the recently formed Wal-Mart Federation, the old wound finally began to heal. But in such peace, there is trouble: the northern metal race has emerged, threatening the world’s desire, the mysterious dawn of the world suddenly rose in the center.

Sitting in a stunning world inspired by the original gods of two dreams, your exploration will take you through the rugged mountains, through the desert, through the dangerous jungle. Take your position as a soldier of the Valkyon League, fight with other races, and heal the mistakes of the past and create a new future. There is no time in the factions of one trillion – all seven games, eight classes must cooperate from the witch of God to their own destiny. Many of the devices in the game need to buy Tera Gold, due to the new model, “Chronoscrolls” is being phased out, no longer sold by developers, can not extend the game time. The existing chronoscrolls can be sold to merchants 2000 gold to raise themselves, gather your allies, master your destiny. When you find yourself in Tera’s unique terminal for the political control of the world, combat effectiveness, guild rankings and social power will get along.

Tera combines a smooth and enjoyable direct combat system with some fairly problematic and discouraged task design. I reviewed the subscription version in June, although now have the opportunity to experience the gorgeous world for free, which makes the game more attractive.

If you are tempted by the free play switch, here are some tips for playing Tera:

Do not play archers. If Tyla has the strength, that is its close combat level direct combat. The archers just waved the arrows on their goals.

Do not play like Elin. They are said to be the goddess Elinu’s “sacred child”. As if it were a good excuse, had a short childlike avatar, with a vague animal character.

Please bring DVD box. Or line up on Netflix. Everything should be scattered in the past few hours of calm and tedious. Your goal is to take your body into the task when you are not paying attention to your brain.

Do not complain about how Irene is creepy in the game of chatting. Seriously, the first 20 levels are really boring, so any distractions are welcome. Elin’s fans can be very defensive.

You will find yourself submerged in a fantastic world. Even if TERA follows the well-known path in the MMO manual, it also raises the genre to a higher level in some way. One of the methods is almost perfect fighting system, in addition, PvP elements of the fans will be in the MMO absolute pearls to find a paradise experience. Tera is about active fighting. The fighting feels more energetic than any other MMORPG, and the enemy’s design and exotic world is commendable. But if you see it all, you will find monotonous tasks and an almost non-existent story.Like the little buddy click to download to create your own world it

NHL 17 became the most exciting hockey game

“American Professional Hockey League 17 (NHL 17)” is the annual production of the series of ice hockey sports games released by Electronic Arts.”NHL 17″ This game consists of three parts: offense (offense), defense (defense) and rugby team special forces (special teams).EA can be described as ambitious, they claim to create a “so far the largest and most exciting hockey game.” “NHL 17” and the series before the same works,the same landing PS4/Xbox One platform.The game in the previous characteristics and high standards of production to join a new model, including the draft championship model and the World Cup hockey mode, there is a business model that allows players to control their own management of the ice hockey team to play the game.Like a small partner can be downloaded directly.

First, in front of the network defense, the defender will have more tools available to close the hockey, or the other players in the goal line.In addition, the accuracy of the target hit also improved,which also makes the defensive player’s behavior more efficient.In the “NHL 17”, the goalkeeper’s defensive station more than 40, each player can enjoy a unique and true gaming experience.

Second, in the offensive side,”NHL 17″ compared to the previous also made no small progress, players can enjoy a more smooth in the ball, glide on the ice and pick up the ice hockey experience. Compared to the previous, those who want to take full advantage of the advantages of angle and scoring players can more easily make a relatively dangerous action.In the recent release of the “NHL 17” notice,a player on the chest as the fulcrum of the body rotation broke through the line of defense,while the other players will be defensive players hit the ground after the ball into the network. In addition, “NHL 17” contains more than 30 celebration action,the player after the score even in the ice do push-ups.

“NHL 17” added two new models: the Champions League and the World Cup.Champion players allow multiple players to participate in a new fantasy draft, from now and the former star team selected 12 players dream team.The World Cup allows you to participate in the NHL approved World Cup hockey, which is the third year.

In the new model indulge your fantasy hockey addiction, draft the final star force team World Cup hockey pattern: take the world,fight for national glory and pride franchise mode: grab your favorite team and control the ball on ice Team of business games.The ultimate team is to create a team based, win a better player,and play online game mode to defeat the opponent.Feel the passion of the fantastic night with the star team in the Champions League, or the national pride in the World Cup hockey.But before you have to get enough NHL 17 Coins at to provide you with the basis for your own team to provide you with the foundation for a passionate experience.Fans Favorite Patterns Depth and Customization: Customize your project by ranking and unlocking custom projects, reuniting, or creating your dream arena with the new Arena Creator in EASHL and Franchise Models.

Hockey is also more active this year.Especially in the higher level of difficulty,to maintain possession is a challenge, because the opponent can easily put the ice hockey.This seems to cause problems when picking up the ice hockey,especially on the board, and after checking the ice hockey carrier.I lost the number of times I hit a major person, but saw him reoccupy in order to win the ice hockey – it was an outrageous thing, and the problem had troubled the NHL series for years. Control the Ice:The new net combat system allows you to fight against this critical space before the creases on offense and defense.Sharpen your game:the next generation of critically acclaimed visual ice trainers and coaching feedback tools that allow you to restore the skills you need for your game.The most important and influential change in ice is the return of the net battle,where the attacker and the defender can engage in the position in front of the target.I still have to remind myself that this feature actually exists in the NHL 17, because it has been three years, but in addition to the game looks more like a real hockey, it is still beneficial.

The new franchise pattern sounds exciting, and that’s what time I usually spend time playing.There is no overreaction goalkeeper sounds good.But this may mean that my score is much less.So maybe it’s not so good as long as they keep bleeding on short-term goals and I think I’ll be fine.I am impressed with the “NHL 17”. It has reestablished the franchise as a must for all ice hockey fans and most sports lovers and created a wealth of possibilities – through some fine tuning, can be improved with the development of the year,the game is further developed.

NBA Live Mobile has become the best sports game on mobile devices

EA’s NBA live game has been around since 1994; they moved in 2013. The success of this series with the story is updated every year, 2016 is no exception. NBA Live Mobile download for Android and iOS devices. NBA Live Mobile is not only a fun game, behind a compelling concept, but even some elements perform better than the series in the game console. Ultimate team model simplifies, usually effective control and free flow of game design.

The motion simulator has not been so easy to embody. Designers must reproduce the playground, the player’s movement and interaction, as well as their appearance close to their prototype. The most exciting thing is that players look and move like their real prototype in the configuration file card and field. When you play the motion simulator, you have to watch the game closely. You do not necessarily have a clear single player; the closest to the ball that you are now controlling that. All other players, from your team and opponent team, are controlled by AI.

Basketball music should be very fashionable, it is the developers know. Track rock, which consists of phat hip hop. Unfortunately, the company did not master the art of the tracks until the GTA level, though it would be a great musical experience. The atmosphere is reproduced in 3D, and the audience responds to every successful movement or extreme situation. Players on the court look fairly simple, but their personal information and highlights with name and team uniforms do this work, so they are easy to identify. Yes, it takes a lot of space, so prepare some gigabytes for your NBA live phone to download.

The game offers the most popular language; although the basketball terminology is international, the English text is easy to understand for most fans. The game follows the real NBA game. Your opponents (and your team) have real players, their names, their qualities, and even their game courtesy close to the original ones. If you wish, you can almost watch the game and set its mode to automatic. This model shows that you are a team manager, not a player or coach. You choose your player, do the transfer, accept the daily challenge, do your quest, get rewarded. By the way, these challenges are keeping your NBA Live Mobile online. The game just will not run without the correct connection.

Others may think that this game is much lower because it requires a very understanding of basketball rules and NBA games. There is a quick tutorial that you can have before the real game. You learn how to run the field, where and how to shoot, how to pass, drive, guard, how to keep the defense and attack.

NBA Live Mobile is about creating a list of your personal teams. There is no list of “real” NBA teams. On the contrary, the user starts from the basic list of low-level players and then builds the team into a factory by purchasing a card package, retrieving from the auction house, and receiving items by rewarding and completing the collection. You can spend on buying new packages, registering players and upgrading coins. Special abilities will bring your team rankings. Unlock them by winning the game … or donate if you want to skip the long upgrade. But you can use the same money at to buy more NBA Live Mobile Coins, to help you more easily set up a strong team.

The management part is more important than understanding the current NBA event. You can get your GOAT team with the greatest players of today and past years. No external controls are required, such as game joysticks or joysticks. All the movements are made with simple virtual control. While using an external device (such as a Bluetooth game handle) can also be helpful, the game does not need anything but your cell phone.

The game looks like a real sporting game when the two teams may encounter a lot of unpredictable results. Motion repeatability is absolute. So it is designed with this well-designed simulator. The more you penetrate this basketball world, you can try the more combinations and more inexhaustible games to become.

Developers always add daily challenges to the real NBA schedules, so just keep up with them always have a new mission. Remember that you will not have enough time to get tired of this game, the simplicity of the team building model and the pleasant and accessible game play make NBA Live Mobile the best sports game company on mobile devices.