Horizon 3 brings a different experience to the game

Horizon 3 This game is the latest part of the extreme racing series, the game mainly to the car-based, the game’s address set in the southern hemisphere of Australia, the game scene is very diverse, there will be a variety of different Vehicles, players can choose their favorite vehicles in the race. In the game players can enjoy the scenery side of the game, like the game players do not miss it!

From basic settings such as full screen, vertical sync and resolution to advanced adjustments such as motion blur, reflection effects, static geometry and dynamic geometry settings, we will let Win 10 players have fun. Whether it is in accordance with the recommended needs, or challenge the hardware limit to experience the ultimate 4K racing experience, “extreme racing: Horizon 3” many of the options will be as much as possible to meet the player’s various gaming experience needs.

In order to be able to match the reality of the winter, racing game “extreme racing: Horizon 3 (Forza Horizon 3)” launched a new “Blizzard Mountain”, unlike the game before the terrain, snow-capped mountains terrain will bring players Very low strength of the road, the game a variety of light and snow effects are a good embodiment of the weather effect is equally good, the game’s various details are very hard. In addition, there are some new vehicles to join, but also to the game brought a different experience.

“Extreme Racing: Horizon 3” game place set in the southern hemisphere of Australia, in the game players not only can enjoy the exciting field driving experience, can feel the magnificent scenery of Australia. As an open racing game “Extreme Racing: Horizon 3” map compared to the previous (“Extreme Racing: Horizon 2”) to be doubled. In the game players can choose more than 350 vehicles from their own car, breaking the traditional car game map or track restrictions, with their own way to ride in the vast Australia.

Into the familiar and unfamiliar 2554 AMG Transport Dynamics M12S Warthog CST cockpit, the real array of “The Trials” sounded in the cockpit. Like the “silent cartographer”, from the beach, to the jungle, jogs jeep jeep roar in 500 years ago on the Australian land and through. If you buy the Cheap Forza Horizon 3 Credits at https://www.onlinegameshop.com, this will make it easier for you to get a luxury car to enjoy driving pleasure.

▲ from the desert to the jungle, Australia’s landform diversity show exhaustive

Playground Games to the Australian field of the sky to completely restore the beautiful and changing climate in Australia, Turn 10 in the “extreme racing 6″ for the first time in the new water simulation brings a real rain war experience, all this is based on the perfect 30fps lock and 4X MSAA bring a clear picture on the basis of open world racing game, Playground and Turn 10 reached is no doubt a technical miracle, even if not to complete any event activities, light in Australia’s vast desert, Rainforest and coastal city walk through, is already a pleasure. The following are the same as the ”

In addition to technical achievements, the various aspects of the game settings are also quite rich in detail, HUD, sound and control are very detailed settings. This is the “Horizon” series for the first time to obtain the support of the simplified Chinese language, Microsoft’s first party game has always been a good high level of translation on the basis of the simplified Chinese version of the game based on the habits of the players in the region of the language and words on the adjustment , Fonts and other details of the elements are also considered very carefully.

The theme of the “Horizon” series can be traced back to the background of the Playground Games, the UK development team. 2009 Codemasters “Dust 2” This racing and music culture festival-rich racing game development team, is the core of the Playground Games start-up period, like studio director Gavin Raeburn and “Horizon” creative director Ralph Fulton Are from that development team. From a certain point of view, the first generation of “extreme racing horizon” racing rally and music festival theme, it is “dust 2″ style of the same strain. The following are the same as. ”

In the “extreme racing horizon 3”, came to Australia’s horizon music festival in this piece of land is becoming more extensive, richer and more freedom. This is still the familiar “extreme racing horizon”, but this time you can do more things. The map is twice as long as the previous map, the first map of the area has been close to the first generation of the “horizon” of the entire game, no longer subject to the host of the next generation of the Playground Games this time finally can flex its muscles.

You can choose the shape you want

Players in the horizon music section of the identity from the first generation of the participating drivers, to the second generation after the disk in charge of the festival program, this upgrade to become a big boss, although you still like Mother Mother’s Big Boss or 300 million Brother of the fortress commander as their own go out to run the East West, but this does not mean that you have nothing to do right (Kazakhstan). After a short warm-up, you are given the right to supervise all activities of the horizon music festival, expand, open new places, set up events and even music stations can choose freely according to the player’s preferences.

▲ In addition to the opening of the default location, after the three carnival center can be optional position

Expansion and opening up a better understanding, more advanced carnival center will unlock more events and performance venues, in addition to unlock the new areas in addition to unlock elements, but also play a fast travel location, if these are only the game process to promote Of the ring, the custom is the “Horizon 3″ and the first two compared to the biggest progress. The following are the same as the ”

It is clear that the customization of the racing event has a certain limit that the player can not define / edit the track of a single event but can define the type of vehicle, the number of laps, the weather and the time, and the free naming More like the first generation of “horizon” in the race limited to the type of vehicle and 2 generations based on the type of tournament to determine the vehicle theme model combination. The tournament length, weather and time customization allows each event can be based on the player’s preferences are different, if you are lazy, you can also directly select the other players to establish a good game template to play the game.