Madden 18 Defense Money Game Guide

In the EA 2017 event, the publisher released Madden 18’s “Longshot” storytelling, which will follow Devin Wade’s story because he tried to make his dream a dream hope. In the story style similar to FIFA 17 “The Journey”, you can also get “The Walking Dead” from the Telltale game, players will have a variety of options to help or hinder Wade’s career.

In the Madden 18 defensive money game guide, we will teach you how to defend the defensive end of the player, you need to get your opponent fourth, or you need to force the turnover. Use these Madden 18 best defensive players to put pressure on your opponent.

Madden eighteen stop the best choice for pass

No opponent can run your ball forever, and the opponents you face must always pass at some point in the game, especially if they want to deal with New England, New Orleans, Auckland or the green team. We have developed a perfect defense to stop your passing.

Large Angle Carrier 2-3-6 Sam: Overload 3 Sewing Machine – Controls the safety patrol of the central blue area and uses him to cover any gaps in the middle of the field, and once the game starts, he will move slightly forward. Upset opponents will pick up most of the running game, as long as you see the ongoing game development, you can manually control their own security, and narrow the line Wei left blank.

Big Dice 1-4-6: Cover 6 News – This is a solid defense, as long as you choose “Show Lightning” option, then grabbed your line guard and fell your defensive line.

Quarter Normal: Cover 2 Men Spy – As the player’s name implies, it leaves a spy player in the presence, which is great coverage, especially if your opponent has a mobile QB. According to your corner may also be a good idea, but only when you think your own statistics coincide with this task.

Quarterly Normal: Cover 3 Drop – All you need to do this game is to choose your defensive line for the “Propagation Line” option, and you will have a great game that is both good at covering and decent to exert some stress on the QB.

Crazy 18 stops running the best choice

Running the ball has always been a key part of each time Madden’s iteration, and Madden 18 is no different. If you need to take a game from your opponent in the hands of the game, then we have found the ideal game below, no matter how your location on the court.

3-4 odd numbers: cover the sky 3 – control any of the middle guards, and tour the middle of the venue, let your corner control edge. The murderer of the line off the side of the court can seize your opponent, any stop running surprise.

4-3 Under: Edge Sting – Make sure you hold your defensive line before attacking, which may cause serious damage to the opponent’s backcourt.

4-3: Cover 3 cloud Wk – For this game, you want to select the “Baseline Alignment” option, then the “Show Lightning” option, allowing your players to move up and skip their defensive tasks.

4-6 Bear Under: Gap News – This blitzkrieg is high risk, high return because there are too many players to attack the offensive line and stop running back, but it does leave your backcourt limited staff to defend against the pass.

Nickel 3-5-5 Odds: Sam Mike 1 – This game is perfect for midway running because the second linebacker will always match the backwards and he will cover up any of the other side of the cave off, if running back try take off.

Kat and Madden 18 carried out the actual operation, and three main ideas disappeared: passing feeling completely different, running is difficult, and those new pass mechanics used.Although Madden NFL 18 was released on August 25, 2017, there are many ways to play games early. The GOAT copyright owner will play Madden NFL 18 from Tuesday, August 22, and EA Access members of Xbox One will be able to play 10 hours from EA Access Play First Trial on Thursday, August 17th. EA Access members also receive a 10% discount on digital purchases for Madden NFL 18.

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