NBA Live Mobile has become the best sports game on mobile devices

EA’s NBA live game has been around since 1994; they moved in 2013. The success of this series with the story is updated every year, 2016 is no exception. NBA Live Mobile download for Android and iOS devices. NBA Live Mobile is not only a fun game, behind a compelling concept, but even some elements perform better than the series in the game console. Ultimate team model simplifies, usually effective control and free flow of game design.

The motion simulator has not been so easy to embody. Designers must reproduce the playground, the player’s movement and interaction, as well as their appearance close to their prototype. The most exciting thing is that players look and move like their real prototype in the configuration file card and field. When you play the motion simulator, you have to watch the game closely. You do not necessarily have a clear single player; the closest to the ball that you are now controlling that. All other players, from your team and opponent team, are controlled by AI.

Basketball music should be very fashionable, it is the developers know. Track rock, which consists of phat hip hop. Unfortunately, the company did not master the art of the tracks until the GTA level, though it would be a great musical experience. The atmosphere is reproduced in 3D, and the audience responds to every successful movement or extreme situation. Players on the court look fairly simple, but their personal information and highlights with name and team uniforms do this work, so they are easy to identify. Yes, it takes a lot of space, so prepare some gigabytes for your NBA live phone to download.

The game offers the most popular language; although the basketball terminology is international, the English text is easy to understand for most fans. The game follows the real NBA game. Your opponents (and your team) have real players, their names, their qualities, and even their game courtesy close to the original ones. If you wish, you can almost watch the game and set its mode to automatic. This model shows that you are a team manager, not a player or coach. You choose your player, do the transfer, accept the daily challenge, do your quest, get rewarded. By the way, these challenges are keeping your NBA Live Mobile online. The game just will not run without the correct connection.

Others may think that this game is much lower because it requires a very understanding of basketball rules and NBA games. There is a quick tutorial that you can have before the real game. You learn how to run the field, where and how to shoot, how to pass, drive, guard, how to keep the defense and attack.

NBA Live Mobile is about creating a list of your personal teams. There is no list of “real” NBA teams. On the contrary, the user starts from the basic list of low-level players and then builds the team into a factory by purchasing a card package, retrieving from the auction house, and receiving items by rewarding and completing the collection. You can spend on buying new packages, registering players and upgrading coins. Special abilities will bring your team rankings. Unlock them by winning the game … or donate if you want to skip the long upgrade. But you can use the same money at to buy more NBA Live Mobile Coins, to help you more easily set up a strong team.

The management part is more important than understanding the current NBA event. You can get your GOAT team with the greatest players of today and past years. No external controls are required, such as game joysticks or joysticks. All the movements are made with simple virtual control. While using an external device (such as a Bluetooth game handle) can also be helpful, the game does not need anything but your cell phone.

The game looks like a real sporting game when the two teams may encounter a lot of unpredictable results. Motion repeatability is absolute. So it is designed with this well-designed simulator. The more you penetrate this basketball world, you can try the more combinations and more inexhaustible games to become.

Developers always add daily challenges to the real NBA schedules, so just keep up with them always have a new mission. Remember that you will not have enough time to get tired of this game, the simplicity of the team building model and the pleasant and accessible game play make NBA Live Mobile the best sports game company on mobile devices.

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