Trea makes you immersed in a fantastic world

TERA, is the Korean action MMORPG by Bluehole’s studio. Built in what will be scrapped by the source code paradise III, TERA uses a real-time combat system instead of operating the keys too much standard MMO fares. Players can be real-time, uninterrupted attack and cut down, magic magic, Dodge and block. Tera is the first MMORPG to use real action combat, providing all the depths of the MMO depth and action game for the game. Players use the game’s dynamic combat system to take full control of their roles. The player’s behavior can change the power balance of a world threatened by the dark forces because the seven allied races try to work together to protect their land from grabbing monsters, triad residents and evil gods.

Thousands of years ago, the gods of the gods and salads met in the air and fell asleep. When they sleep, they dream of, and according to their dreams, Tera’s world has been formed. First came to twelve gods, they go all out to control the Terra. Born in conflict is the mortal race, was dragged into the sacred war, always in the descendants of God. The divine war lasted for hundreds of years and suffered from mortals and gods.


The divine war ended, and most of the gods were dead, imprisoned or reduced. The rest of the mortal race took over Terra, and with the recently formed Wal-Mart Federation, the old wound finally began to heal. But in such peace, there is trouble: the northern metal race has emerged, threatening the world’s desire, the mysterious dawn of the world suddenly rose in the center.

Sitting in a stunning world inspired by the original gods of two dreams, your exploration will take you through the rugged mountains, through the desert, through the dangerous jungle. Take your position as a soldier of the Valkyon League, fight with other races, and heal the mistakes of the past and create a new future. There is no time in the factions of one trillion – all seven games, eight classes must cooperate from the witch of God to their own destiny. Many of the devices in the game need to buy Tera Gold, due to the new model, “Chronoscrolls” is being phased out, no longer sold by developers, can not extend the game time. The existing chronoscrolls can be sold to merchants 2000 gold to raise themselves, gather your allies, master your destiny. When you find yourself in Tera’s unique terminal for the political control of the world, combat effectiveness, guild rankings and social power will get along.

Tera combines a smooth and enjoyable direct combat system with some fairly problematic and discouraged task design. I reviewed the subscription version in June, although now have the opportunity to experience the gorgeous world for free, which makes the game more attractive.

If you are tempted by the free play switch, here are some tips for playing Tera:

Do not play archers. If Tyla has the strength, that is its close combat level direct combat. The archers just waved the arrows on their goals.

Do not play like Elin. They are said to be the goddess Elinu’s “sacred child”. As if it were a good excuse, had a short childlike avatar, with a vague animal character.

Please bring DVD box. Or line up on Netflix. Everything should be scattered in the past few hours of calm and tedious. Your goal is to take your body into the task when you are not paying attention to your brain.

Do not complain about how Irene is creepy in the game of chatting. Seriously, the first 20 levels are really boring, so any distractions are welcome. Elin’s fans can be very defensive.

You will find yourself submerged in a fantastic world. Even if TERA follows the well-known path in the MMO manual, it also raises the genre to a higher level in some way. One of the methods is almost perfect fighting system, in addition, PvP elements of the fans will be in the MMO absolute pearls to find a paradise experience. Tera is about active fighting. The fighting feels more energetic than any other MMORPG, and the enemy’s design and exotic world is commendable. But if you see it all, you will find monotonous tasks and an almost non-existent story.Like the little buddy click to download to create your own world it

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